Congregation Council

The congregation council is the elected group of members who lead our church, serving for three-year terms. See our current council leaders here. The council meets monthly to discuss both the business matters integral to keeping things moving, but also setting goals, vision, and providing leadership for our congregation's ministries. Council leaders are elected at our annual meeting, which is in November. Interested in serving on council? We'd love to hear from you!

Unless otherwise indicated below (for closed/appointed teams), all our teams/committees are loosely organized, and would love to welcome you! Feel free to reach out, or simply attend a meeting. Most of our teams meet quarterly, and meeting dates are shared in the bulletin & weekly email. The council also oversees, supports, and communicates with all of the teams/committees below.

Check out below: Property - Worship - Service - Fellowship - Health & Safety - Personnel - Garden

Property Team

Caring for "This Old Church"

The Property Team is responsible for the overall care, maintenance, and general stewardship of the church building and grounds. This small group prioritizes and schedules large maintenance projects and periodic tasks, organizes landscaping and snow removal services, and performs building-related routine upkeep and maintenance - sometimes with some sweat equity and volunteering ourselves!

The Property Team also negotiates contracts with maintenance firms, when necessary, and ensures all repairs fall within historic preservation requirements. The Property Team provides a monthly report of activities to the church council and makes annual recommendations of repairs and major costs and expenditures.

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Service Team

Community volunteering & Outreach

The service team meets at least quarterly to plan for upcoming service activities, volunteer events, and other efforts. This includes planning for our feeding ministries, supporting our partners Georgetown Ministry Center and Friendship Place, and exploring other opportunities.

See upcoming service activities on our Serve & Help page.

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Worship & Music / Altar Care

This isn't a set team or committee, but we have quarterly, open worship and music meetings to plan for upcoming worship seasons - you're invited to join in! Click here to learn about our music/choir. Our pastor and music director lead/take part in those meetings and welcome your input or questions.

We also welcome folks to learn about and help in caring for our altar. For each Sunday service, a volunteers is needed to set/clean up our altar and care for the "behind-the-scenes" part of communion and worship furnishings. Sign up to help on a Sunday, and we'd love to help you learn the ropes, or ask the pastor or one of the folks you see helping around the altar after worship!

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Social events to make connection, build community, and just have fun together are important! We plan occasional meals, gatherings, and outings to offer opportunities for such fellowship. Interested in helping, or have an idea? Speak with the pastor or the current fellowship lead, Taylor O. - we may also meet approximately quarterly to discuss and plan fellowship opportunities.

Health & Safety

Our health and safety team, appointed by council, was created during the pandemic to help guide our congregation decisions and policies. We continue meeting periodically to discuss best practices and consider overall ways to provide a safe and healthy experience for all at church. Interested in serving on this team? Speak with a council member or pastor.


The personnel team is appointed by council to support its role to oversee church staff. When there is a staff vacancy, this team works with council to review position descriptions, interview, and recommend a hire. If you are interested in serving on this team, particularly if you have any HR/personnel experience, please speak with a member of council.


Our beautiful garden is a labor of love by volunteers! If you're interested in helping, there's always room for more help. We do have church workdays when we all meet to accomplish big tasks (like spreading mulch or other property projects), but garden upkeep is a year-round opportunity to volunteer, and can be something you do during the week, when it works for you. Interested in helping? Speak with Pat Henry, who leads our efforts - we also have an email list where we communicate with garden volunteers about current needs. We can also show you the ropes if you're interested in learning about gardening and plants but aren't sure where to start.

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